Q: Do you really know what condition your pipes are in?

Q: Can the correct mechanical adjustments improve your plumbing system performance?

Q: Would the right water treatment program control scale and corrosion problems?

Q: Is your current water treatment program working properly and effectively?

ANMAC Inspection & Survey

ANMAC plumbing inspections are very thorough. We start our survey at the water meter and inspect all of the exposed hot and cold water lines as well as the water heaters.

The type (galvanized, copper, etc.), the grade, and the quality of the pipe material are very important factors. The operating environment of the pipes plays a vital role in their life expectancy. This is especially true for industrial water systems.

Often overlooked as primary factors in pipe longevity are the quality of the plumbing installation and the expertise of installation workmanship. These factors perform an essential role in determining if plumbing systems will last for decades or fail in just a few years.

Pipe samples can be collected from buildings and inspected in our laboratory. These samples are cut open and the interior pipe surfaces are analyzed to determine the causes of leaks and to identify mineral deposits.

ANMAC Testing

Plumbing system water temperatures, water pressures and water velocities need to be accurately tested and properly regulated. Mechanical plumbing failures are often the results of these factors.

Different water qualities and properties directly affect the performance of water pipes and related equipment. Determining if a water supply is a soft (aggressive) water or a hard (scale forming) water are only two of the many parameters that must be considered during a complete water analysis.

Investigative water testing can identify if excessive amounts of lead, copper or iron are present in a building water supply.

After our inspections and testing, ANMAC will be able to provide solutions to the plumbing problems that exist.

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